Alonsoa is a plant that originates from south America, there are annual and perennial varieties
growing in their wild form, after ten years of breeding we have made the breakthrough of the worlds first variegated Alonsoa Maritana™ Lucky Lips.

This is a superb plant with wonderful white/green foliage, a free flowering plant with eye catching scarlet flowers on long spikes.

These plants flower approx: seven months of the year from early Spring to late Autumn, this is a very versatile plants that can be grown in the garden boarders, ornamental containers, hanging baskets and troughs.


Being a HHP (half hardy perennial) these will tolerate a minus ten degree temperature drop, they don’t like sitting in waterlogged conditions, as like many plants they need to be in a free draining soil through the winter months.

If you are growing them in baskets or ornamental containers we recommend to keep them well drained by either raising the base of the container or by placing it on its side to prevent water logging through the winter months.

When the plants have finished flowering remove foliage leaving three to four inches of growth.

In Spring, tidy up plants. If plants are grown in containers, tidy growth, refresh compost and
feed a few times throughout the growing season.


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These Alonsoa's are a break through in the species, Fantastic Foliage with great flower colour.

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