About Us

Penhow Nursery is a family run company. Established by Jimmy Jones in 1985 growing and producing ornamental plants.

A few years later on one of his plant finding trips to South Africa Jimmy was inspired by the unusual beauty of the uncultivated Nemesia and Diascia which were growing on the Dracenberg mountains at different altitudes.

Jimmys goal was to develop these two species into a more prolific, compact, and larger flowering plant with many more colours.

During his breeding work on Diascias Jimmy came in contact with a fellow plant gentleman, the late Hector Harrison, who shared the same passion for the Diascia species.

Penhow Nurseries breeding work has established itself by producing the most innovated varieties of thesetwo species. Creating a longer flowering season, compact range of colours, and the most highly scented.

At our nursery we maintain a strict hygiene programme to produce trouble free plants for our customers which is done through a method of virus clean index stock. We are licenced by the ministry “Defra” who oversee the high standard we set at our nursery.

We have created these unique Maritana™ collections through our intense breeding programmes. Through this process, at the nursery we produce approx: one quarter of a million new seedling varities each year. Some of these varieties can take any where between two to eight years to develop and only a few will then be selected through this process, these selected varieties are then sent for trial to countries ie Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, and South Africa where they are eventually grown for retail outlets.





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Please note we are not open to the public due to our hygeine and breeding programme. Maritana™ is a trademark of Penhow Nurseries. Our plants are also protected by PBR and patent laws.. Any propagation, or use of the brand or photography, is strictly prohibited.